Repair Services We Provide

We provide numerous repair services on your instruments. We take great care and detail in repairing your instrument and we think you’ll be satisfied. Please contact us for a quote and to setup a repair consultation.

Basic Re-String

$12.00+ Includes removal of old, install tune & trim of new strings.

The “Re-Birth” Re-String

$30.00+ Includes removal of old strings, complete clean/polish of whole guitar, including the “hard-to-get” areas of headstock and bridge while strings are off, fretboard clean and treatment, & install tune & trim of new strings.

Strap End Pins

$15.00 Includes pin & matching screw, available in chrome & gold (Note: proper install does require drilling).

Set Up

$65.00+ Includes Neck adjust, action adjustment at nut and saddle, minor fret work, tighten tuner screws and nuts, lubricate tuning machines, general clean up & polish, restring. (12 string – add $25.00).

New Nut

$55.00+ Fitment and placement of new nut (Removal of old nut extra) Custom cut slots. (12 string – add $25.00).

New Saddle

$35.00+ Includes modifying to proper height.

Re-Glue Bridge

$95.00 Remove and prep old bridge& top. (12 string bridge- add $25.00).

Replace Bridge

$100.00+ Cost of factory made bridge with related saddle and its height adjustment. (12 string bridge – add $25.00).

Replace Tuners

$50+ Includes tuner installation (tuners sold separately).

Fret Leveling

$100.00+ Includes leveling, cleaning & treatment of fretboard, and dressing each fret. Any replacements required due to wear @ $12.00 each.


$12.00 per fret, plus the set up charge. Add $50 for fretboards with binding. New nut or saddle may be necessary and a shop minimum may also apply (Add $25.00 for 12 String).

Crack Repair

Send photo for quote. Includes glue and brush touchup with appropriate finish. Cleating (installing small patches of wood inside guitar to reinforce repair) as necessary. Repairs often not invisible, but finish will be smooth.

Headstock Crack

Send photo for quote. Glue, seal and re-finish area. Repairs often not invisible, but finish will be smooth.